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What should be paid attention to during ECG examination during pregnancy

  • Par radish
  • Le 14/07/2021
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1. Don't do an ECG on an empty stomach to avoid hypoglycemia, which is a rapid heartbeat, which will affect the results of the ECG.

2. Don't go for an electrocardiogram in a hurry. holter ecgIt is best to rest for a while before the examination, and then do the examination after calming down.

3. Don't be nervous or talk during the examination, otherwise it will cause interference and affect the clarity of the electrocardiogram.

4. When doing an ECG, it is best to wear some easy-to-release clothes (especially in winter).

5. If you have a watch and a mobile phone, it is best to take them off and put them aside to avoid disturbing the ECG machine.

6. When a heart attack patient has a heart attack, it is best to submit the ECG report for the doctor's reference.

Be emotionally stable

Before doing the ECG, relax yourself and don't be too nervous. Once you are nervous and anxious, and your heartbeat is fast, it will affect the ECG examination, causing the doctor to make inaccurate judgments and make the wrong treatment, so keep quiet half an hour before the examination.

Want to eat

It is best to check after eating enough for an hour and a half, so that blood sugar will not drop due to excessive hunger, heart rate will beat too fast, and blood flow will not be abnormal due to overeating.

Wear loose cotton clothing

It is convenient for doctors to wear loose clothes during the examination, and pure cotton clothes can prevent static electricity from causing false examination results.

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