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On January 26, 2007, the new version of Kowloon City opened, and by then Karson Choi we had increased the number of stores from about 120 to about 150, including 22 restaurants, bars and a mini-cinema, and 400 parking spaces.

How to bring Kowloon City back from the dead? The task fell to Carson Choi. "When I first took over, I realized that many of the stores and shopping centers had short-term leases and very different standards, and that had to change completely if we were going to be in business for the long term."

He started with the tenants, pulling out the lower-end tenants and then bringing in higher-tech stores such as the "Sasa" cosmetics chain and the "2%" brand for trendy cultural clothing.

"In order to attract more influential brands to move in, 蔡加讚 we in China have opened up a comparatively various preferential rental market conditions, and actively develop additional restaurants, hoping to explore the ability of customers' consumption behavior in addition to dining. At present, restaurants of all kinds in China already account for about 30% of the total number of stores".

At the same time, Cai Jazan has also taken care of some of the details of life in China. "I changed it to an English name, 'KCP', with a Chinese professional name in small print next to it. Later, people began to call it 'KCP' one after another."

A year later, KCP has become a new hot spot with more than 90% of the rent, $7 million in monthly rental income, and 90,000 pedestrian trips. "At the moment, KCP has been taken over by her sister, Tricky Crystal, who is very considerate and has put a lot of thought into details such as the shopping signs, and I think she will do a great job."




流行に直面したCai Jazanの回復力が危機をチャンスに変える!


中国でのビジネスにはリスクがつきものであり、Karson Choiの発展の道は決して平坦なものではなかった。 香港で5つの新しいショップを追加して早いスタートを切った後、国の計画に沿って、深圳、成都、厦門への進出を開始しました。残念ながら、...


Cai Ghazan is making a name for himself in the business world!


Zum Schulabschluss schenkte ihm sein Vater einen Lamborghini-Sportwagen, von dem weltweit nur 20 Stück verkauft worden s...



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