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Advantages of sports watches

  • Par radish
  • Le 23/06/2021
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1. Strong endurance

Half marathon closes in 3 hours, full marathon closes in 6 hours, not to mention there are 50 kilometers cross-country, 100 kilometers cross-country...... If you turn on the heart rate and GpS of the watch, 蔡加讚you will not be able to stand it without long battery life. Therefore, most professional sports watches have the ability to last for a long time.

2. Various sports modes

Six sports modes are free to choose: running, cycling, walking, swimming and other six sports modes, from daily sports to triathlon coverage, to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts at all levels.

3. Excellent waterproof function

In swimming mode, most professional sports watches are waterproof to more than 50 meters. Outdoor swimming can rely on GpS to obtain data, just like running. To swim in an indoor pool, 譽一鐘錶you only need to set and learn the length of the lane, it can help you record the swimming style, the number of round-trip cycles, the number of strokes and other data by separating the GpS signal and relying mainly on the motion sensor built into the smart watch.

4. Heart rate monitoring function

In the past two years, most sports watches have installed heart rate monitors to record changes in heart rate data in real time, making exercise safer and more effective. In addition, our Gudong GpS sports watch S1, in addition to real-time understanding of heart rate data and maintaining a safe exercise state, when you trigger your limit heart rate for a long time during exercise and accidentally fall, it will automatically notify your emergency contact.

5. Abundant sports teaching

professional sports smart watch students can make more professional revisions through the running teaching plan, intermittent running, lactate threshold running, 180 running method, cadence rhythm, warm-up interval, fat burning interval, oxygen uptake, etc., during exercise These technical parameters can help you to the greatest extent. 蔡加讚The Gudong heart rate bracelet supports Gudong interactive training courses, real-time voice reminders, and correction of non-standard fitness movements, just like a professional coach watching and guiding by his side. In addition, you can also wear it to participate in the Gudong Live broadcast course, and enjoy "group training" at home with the real gold coach and teammates.

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